You can check the Rates page on the mobile app or the FroggyTalk website and search for the destination country to find out the specific calling rate.
No, you won’t be charged any hidden fees or additional costs when making calls through our FroggyTalk App. There is a connection fee of 5 Euro cents on every successful call.
You need to have a smartphone and internet connection to use the FroggyTalk App for international calling.
You can call someone by opening the app and selecting the person you want to talk to from your contact list or dialing the person’s number with the country code.
The app will use the internet connection on your phone to connect your call to your contact’s phone number.
The person you call does not need internet on their phone.
The person you call does not need to have the FroggyTalk App.
You can call any mobile phone or Landline number in the world with the FroggyTalk App.
No, the call rate is determined by the country you are calling, not the country you are calling from. To find out the call rates for the destination country you wish to call, please refer to our Rates Page https://www.FroggyTalk.com/rates/
No! You will need internet connection in order to make calls using FroggyTalk. This can be through Wi-Fi or mobile data.But the receiver does not need to have a internet connection.
Our payment providers accept multiple payment methods, including PayPal, and all major credit/debit cards. Other geography specific payment methods might also apply.
We hope you are enjoying FroggyTalk service; however, if you decide that FroggyTalk is not for you then you can stop using the service at any time. There are no contracts and no cancellation penalties. If you would like to completely close your account, talk to our live agent who can help close it for you.
No! FroggyTalk does not store your Credit/Debit card details. Your card information is securely protected by the payment service providers in this case, PayPal and Stripe. You have the option to save your card information with the secure payment system provided by PayPal or Stripe for future payments, which means you won’t need to enter your card details again for subsequent payments.
To use your old FroggyTalk account on another device, you will need to sign in with your registered phone number. Make sure that you can receive SMS on the registered phone number to verify your account on the new device. If you experience challenges logging into a new device, please contact us via live chat on the website.
You cannot receive calls on the FroggyTalk app as it does not allow app-to-app calling at this time.
FroggyTalk supports multiple payment methods including Paypal, Debit/Credit card and so many others. You can purchase credit easily on FroggyTalk app by clicking on the “Buy Credit” button.
It is currently only available on Google Play Store.Other app stores will follow shortly after.
Your call costs are paid for using your call credits. Calls are charged per second for most destinations, but some destinations are charged per minute. For calls charged per minute, Incomplete minutes are rounded up. E.g A call to Mexico for 2.55 minutes is rounded to 3 minutes. A connection fee of 5 euro cents is charged for every successful call made using the FroggyTalk app.
Tell your friends to download FroggyTalk app with the invite link you share by clicking on the “Invite Friends” button. Here you can send your invite link to friends using your email, whatsapp or your social media pages.
No, our rates remain constant and do not change whether it is day or night.
Unfortunately, No! We suggest that you restart the App and check the internet connection on your device. If that does not work, update the operating system on your phone and try using the App again. If your operating system is up to date, re-install the app and try calling again. If all the above fails, contact our 24/7 customers support through our website and someone will help you troubleshoot the problem.
Yes, you can view the call duration and the charged amount in (EUR) for a call by checking the Call details report on FroggyTalk App.
Yes, our call rates may change occasionally. However, it is not based on the time of day you call. Sometimes, our carriers lower their rates, and we pass on the savings to you. Other times the rates might be increased.
You will be charged 120 euro cents per minute for calls to special numbers in any destination.
Most times, the rates for calling mobile phones and landlines for the same destination country differs. To know the rates for the country you wish to call, please refer to our Rates page.
Sometimes it might take a little time before purchased credits show up in your account.
If you have purchased credits but they are not awarded to your account an hour after your confirmed payment, please send us an email or chat with us. Please provide us with a screenshot of your bank statement or confirmed payment to add your purchased credits to your account.

Currently FroggyTalk is not offering this functionality. But let us know and we will be happy to enhance our application for you. Please email us at support@hifroggy.com

Your credits are valid forever from the moment of purchase.
You can check your current credit balance on the FroggyTalk app on your home screen below where your registered number is displayed.

You might receive free minutes of talk time when you first register on the App to test it. After this, you will need to purchase call credits to continue making calls. Even though the calls are not free, it is still much cheaper than making a regular phone call. Check the calling rates per min to any calling destination of your choice on the FroggyTalk app or on froggytalk.com

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