About us

"At FroggyTalk our mission is to help people in diaspora stay connected with home and solve their everyday problems under one App"​

Our Story

FroggyTalk was born out of its founder’s longing for home. When Oluseyi Akinnibosun experienced homesickness and Seasonal Affective Disorder, reliable communication with family back home became crucial. His quest to fill this void birthed the company.

FroggyTalk is not just another international calling app, it is a platform that hosts solutions that meet the needs of underserved communities in diaspora.

Asides from the affordable calling rate and its 24/7 customer service, FroggyTalk will be contributing some of its earnings to further the cause of the underserved communities in the different diaspora.


Oluseyi Akinnibosun

Oluseyi has many years of experience working in the telecommunications industry and has put together a small team of talented individuals that are committed to leveraging the industry to safeguard customer’s mental health.

Good Health and Well-being

A good conversation can be a powerful tool for emotional and mental well-being. It connects people, allows for the exchange of ideas and feelings, and creates a sense of understanding and acceptance. In essence, it nourishes the heart and satisfies its innermost needs. A heart-to-heart chat with a loved one or a thought-provoking dialogue with a friend can provide comfort, relieve stress, and instill a sense of belonging.

Reduce inequality within and among countries

FroggyTalk provides solutions tailored to the needs of underserved  communities. 

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